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Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition
Game Design by Art Lupinacci

Russia Besieged

From award-winning designer, Art Lupinacci, Russia Besieged covers the entire German campaign in the east from 1941 to the bitter end, in 1945. One of the finest Army/Corps level games on the market, Russia Besieged Deluxe edition has been overhauled from years of experience and nuances discovered in Tournament play, to bring you a richly detailed, east front experience you expect to see from this classic wargame.

Anticipated Release Date: August 10, 2018
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Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44
Game Design
 by Gregory M. Smith and Joe Gandara

Nightfighter Ace

Nightfighter Ace, Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a German Nightfighter during World War II. Each turn consists of several days, during which a combat mission will be flown from one of many bases in Europe, attempting to intercept incoming British Bombers. Nightfighter Ace is based on the popular, action-packed Hunters game system by Gregory M. Smith with a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to increase your prestige, earn skills, and rise in rank through promotion and receive awards.

Anticipated Release Date: August 20, 2018
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LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe 1941-1945
Game Design
 by Stephen Newberg


LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe 1941-1945 is a grand strategic, moderate complexity game of the war between Nazi Germany and the Allied Nations, starting with the German invasion of the USSR in late June of 1941, through to the final battles to Berlin in 1945. The game includes both East and West Fronts, and can be played in a number of small (3 to 13) turn historical scenarios starting with Barbarossa in the East and Italy in the West, or in campaigns for each front individually, or a combined East and West front campaign.

Anticipated Release Date: August 31, 2018
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Burning Mountains covers the Spring 1916 Austro-Hungarian offensive on the Italian Front. This offensive aimed to drive to the Veneto plain, west of Venice, cutting off the front in Friuli and along the Isonzo river, where most of Italian Army where deployed. A little known WW I battle, that could have changed the balance of the war. It's an attrition battle, where the mountainous terrain will channel the Austro-Hungarian efforts. A race against the time, while the Italian reinforcements hurry up to close the ever opening gaps. One player controls the Austro-Hungarian forces, the other the Italian forces. Each player attempts to achieve, or maintain, geographical objectives to attain victory!


MacArthur: The Road to Bataan covers the battle of Luzon Island during the winter of 1941-1942. This classic game portrays the large island that must defend itself without any hope of significant outside help, against an enemy that can strike from virtually any direction. The Japanese can assault the island at many different points, causing the Allies (Filipinos and Americans) to be very wary of being drawn too far from the island's prize, Manila Bay, the main harbor at Manila, and the fortress of Corregidor, that controls the entrance. This game originally appeared inWargamer #44 and is designed by Jack Greene.


Jihad! covers the first century of the Islamic expansion after the death of Mohammad, the Prophet and rounder of the Islamic religion. During this period the holy war of conquest and religious conversion of non-Arab peoples were the mainsprings of Islam and the Arabs progressed from a religious force to a secular great power. JIHAD!  covers these events on a grand strategic scale with each turn representing 5 years and military units representing entire armies. The game is for one or two players with one player controlling the Islamic forces and the other controlling all of the various opposing forces including the Byzantines, Persians, Berbers, Franks, Goths, Kaazars, Sinds, and Turks. Players alternate recruiting forces, engaging in religious conversion, moving their forces, and engaging in combat. The objective of the game is for the Muslim player to at least duplicate the conquests of Islam over the historical time frame while for the opposing player the object is to prevent that level of advance by Islam.


Pitt's War simulates the epic struggle between United Kingdom and France from the beginning of the French Revolution to the end of the French Empire at Waterloo on a map with zones covering Europe and the Levant. Each turn covers one year with a fair and a bad weather impulse. Combat units are multi-step historical armies with elite corps and main generals. More than 130 event markers simulate easily the essence of that period.


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