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Compass Games Expo 2018 • November 9-12, 2018 • Red Lion Hotel, Cromwell, CT


Registration Closed  |  Download Event Flyer (PDF)

Compass Games invites you to celebrate the hobby with fellow gaming enthusiasts at our inagural annual gaming event, Compass Games Expo 2018!

Compass Games Expo 2018 will be held at the Red Lion Hotel Cromwell (Cromwell, CT  formerly the Radisson Inn) over Veterans Day Weekend (Nov. 9-12, 2018). We have secured a special group rate for all attendees which includes complimentary breakfast. You will be taking part in an action-packed venue with gaming held under one roof which includes:

  • Monster Games and Open-Gaming
  • Designer-hosted Playtest Sessions
  • Game Demonstrations
  • Tournament Play
  • Buffet Breakfast (for hotel guests)
  • Compass Games Exhibitor Hours for on-site sales (special attendee discounts!)

Full Expo registration fee is only $45 (or $20 for single-day attendance).

We will provide an attendee roster and game sign-up page to help you track what attendees are interested in playing, to help you coordinate on game play activities. We will also provide an update on special gaming events scheduled.

Note: games by any publisher are of course welcome, this is not an exclusive Compass Games only gaming venue...we are just grateful to host and help celebrate the hobby with you!

ONLINE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT (Registration is closed until we open for our 2019 event)

Step 1: Please complete the Compass Games Expo 2018 Registration Form

Step 2: For full Expo payment, please select Compass Games Expo Registration at our online store. Daily attendees pay at the door. You can also send check payment (made payable to 'Compass Games') to:

Compass Games
PO Box 271
Cromwell, CT 06416 USA

Be sure to mention 'Compass Games Expo registration' when you mail in your payment.

If you pay for the Expo, please remember that this does not get you officially registered.
Completing the Registration Form (step 1 above) is required.


  • Doors open Friday, Nov. 9 @ 9am
  • Doors close Monday, Nov. 12 @ 3pm

Gaming runs around-the-clock.


You can register online at: http://www.redlion.com/cromwell, enter date of stay, and then enter group code: COMP1108]

Or you can call the Red Lion (860) 635-2000 and book your hotel stay by using Group Code: COMP1108 or Compass Games.
Note: the group rate below expired on October 15. Please contact hotel for updated room rates.

indoor pool at the Radisson

Occupancy Room Rate
Single $119
Double $136

Single room rate includes 1 buffet breakfast coupon per night ($18.09 value).
Double room rate includes 2 buffet breakfast coupons per night ($36.18 value).

We know you have a choice when booking hotels. We thank you in advance for booking your stay with the Red Lion which helps us meet our overnight room commitment for the event venue. We've selected this hotel for its fine ambiance and positive online reviews, and sweetened the pot by including free buffet breakfast for all those who stay overnight at the Red Lion. Note: booking through online third-party travel sites may not include free breakfast in their price.


For air travel, the closest airport is Bradley International Airport (BDL). While the hotel does not offer free shuttle service, the drive to the hotel is about 28 miles (30 minutes) and all freeway on I-91.

For train/metro travel, the closest station is the Hartford Union Station. The drive to the hotel is about 14 miles (18 minutes) and all freeway on I-91.

Directions to Hotel from Bradley International Airport | Directions to Hotel from Hartford Union StationGet Google Directions to Hotel

Questions? If you need any assistance regarding Compass Games Expo 2018, please email us at john@compassgames.com.
We encourage you to visit our CSW Compass Games Expo forum topic so you can chat with other participants who plan to attend.


Here is a brief list of events planned. Expect frequent updates as we add more events.

Event Name Host Session Type Date
Battle of the  Bulge '81 Brian Laskey Tournament Nov 9-12
Bitter Woods The Battle of the Bulge Randy Heller Tournament Nov 9-11
Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition Randy Heller Playtest Nov 11
Jaws of Victory Milt Janosky Playtest Nov 9-12
Montélimar – Anvil Of Fate (CSS) Adam Starkweather Designer hosted Nov 9-12
Nightfighter Ace Gregory Smith Tournament Nov 9-12
Raiders of the Deep Ian Cooper Tournament Nov 9-12
The Great Rebellion: American Civil War Donald Johnson Playtest Nov 9-12
Total War: Global (Europe & Pacific) Ernest Copley Playtest Nov 9-12
Vietnam: Rumor of War (OSS) Adam Starkweather Designer hosted Nov 9-12
War for the Union, Designer Signature Edition Rob Beyma Designer hosted Nov 9-12


We look forward to adding more special events including designer-hosted game sessions, playtest sessions, tournament play, and short seminars.
To propose your special event(s) that will be listed above, please complete our Expo Special Events Proposal form

ATTENDEE ROSTER (96 Attendees as of 7 November 2018)

Be sure to register so we can add you to our list of attendees!

If you experience problems viewing this Attendee Roster, please click here instead.

GAME SIGN-UP SHEET as of 7 November 2018)

Be sure to register so we can add your gaming selections to the list! Special events are listed below with the game title in boldface type along with a blue background color. Other first game choices that have sufficient participants have been marked with a green background and box. All shaded games listed will have reserved table space, but don't worry, there will be ample open gaming tables for whatever you are looking to play. The reserved space assignments are for organization purposes only and will not restrict your play opportunities.

You can change your game selection at any time, and if you see someone with similar interests, we recommend you contact them by e-mail for pre-event coordination (see Attendee email addresses in Attendee Roster above).

If you experience problems viewing this sign-up sheet, please click here instead.

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