Who Are We?

Compass Games, LLC. was founded in 2004 and the owners are William S. Thomas and Carolynne G. Thomas. We are dedicated to providing professional-quality games at affordable prices for all levels of the gaming experience, from casual family and social gaming to hardcore military simulations.

Compass Games is actively seeking game submissions from game designers. Currently we are interested in high quality games that portray historically-based military history topics. Please view our design submission guidelines below prior to contacting us.

Contact Information


Compass Games
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Compass Games
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E-mail (sales): [email protected]

Phone: (860) 301-0477


Product / Sales Support

If you encounter any problems and/or issues with any of our products, whether it be part of the ordering process or with the actual shipped product itself, you can contact Compass Games by e-mail or you can contact Bill Thomas directly at 860-301-0477.


Design Submission Guidelines

Compass Games LLC is actively seeking game submissions from game designers. Currently we are interested in high quality games that portray historically based military history topics. The purpose of this document is to provide a guideline to be used by game designers for submitting games for evaluation and possible publication by Compass Games. We are interested in all periods of military history, that said, a game about the Third Kandyan War, no matter how good, may be beyond our ability to publish successfully.

The submitted game should include a prototype map, two sets of counters (one set punched or cut out and the other intact to ensure a complete counterset), Charts and Tables as well as cards if needed, a set of printed rules and a CD, please no DVD's with the rules on them. The document should be in Word or RTF format. All charts and tables necessary to play the game as well and in English. The rules should be written using the tenets of good English. They should be complete rules and not merely game notes. We should be able to open the game, read the rules and play the game with a minimum of fuss. We will also publish solitaire wargames if they are well done.

Your game should be thoroughly tested, the research should be sound and above all fun to play. The game should be well developed, the final polishing will be completed by Compass Games or a developer assigned to the task. It is expected that you will cooperate with the developer to help bring the game to its publication form. In addition it must be highly re-playable and a game that people will want to tell their friends about. The game should have multiple ways for each side to win with difficult decisions facing the players each turn. It should be possible to recreate the historical event in game terms with enough variation for other outcomes. In addition, the game should have the appropriate period feel. The game should have no mechanics that prevent the solitaire play of your game (occasionally, if the game is really special, we can waive this rule). If possible, historical commentary to be included with the game as part of the package.

Hopeless battles and campaigns may not be what we want to publish, unless of course it's a solitaire game or has some other outstanding feature(s). Play balance is very important to our customers. Both or all sides in the case of a multi-player game should have a reasonable chance to win.

The rules should use a case system with each major game system having it's own section, such as 1.0, 2.0 and so on. The rules should be introduced in the order the players will need them. Please include adequate examples in difficult areas or where there is an unusual game mechanic or twist.

Evaluation Period
Please allow us 4 months to complete the evaluation process. We will notify you in writing when we have made a decision whether to publish your game or not. If we decide not to publish your game that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the game; it may not fit our current marketing needs. Please include enough postage if you wish us to return your prototype if it's not accepted.

If your game is accepted by Compass Games we will offer you a contract which is either a percentage of the gross amounts paid to Compass games or a flat fee for the game. This may vary- if the game is good enough that it needs virtually no development work, you are a well known and respected designer, higher percentages or flat fees will prevail.

Right to work material
Compass Games LLC will maintain all rights and work product that it invests in the game if Compass Games LLC publishes it or not. In other words, Compass Games LLC retains the right to and not limited to all art, game development and rules changes introduced by Compass Games LLC.

Submission information
To propose a design, please email Design Submissions at  [email protected].  Describe your game, its strong points and anything else of which we should be aware. It may be advisable to send scans of the board, counters, and other components. Please include your name, address and phone number as well as e-mail address. If we decide your idea may meet Compass Games' needs, we will ask you to send the playable prototype described above. Please note that this does not yet mean that your game is accepted for publication.