2/11/19: The Late Unpleasantness – Now Shipping!

The Late Unpleasantness by Steve Ruwe

The Late Unpleasantness

The Late Unpleasantness  offers two-games-in-one and covers the two major attempts to capture the Confederate Capital City. GATES OF RICHMOND covers the Seven Days Battles with Robert E Lee facing down George McClellan. IF IT TAKES ALL SUMMER is Ulysses S Grant’s overland campaign of 1864, which added the names of Wilderness, Spotsylvania Courthouse and Cold Harbor to Civil War history.

The Late Unpleasantness - Product page

2/11/19: Colonialism, Expanded 2nd Edition – Now Shipping!

Colonialism by Scott Leibbrandt


Colonialism  is a game of 19th and early 20th century imperialism. Each of the 2 to 4 players assumes the role of a nondescript colonial power. Players will try to gain influence in the unindustrialized regions of the game board and to obtain as many resources as possible. Although the colonial powers are anonymous in the game, Colonialism aims to be a serious, though abstract, look at this dark chapter in recent world history.

Colonialism - Product page

2/8/19: Paper Wars, Issue 91: JIHAD! – Now Shipping!

Jihad! by Stephen Newberg

Paper Wars 91 Jihad

Paper Wars, Issue #91 featuring the game, JIHAD! This game covers the first century of the Islamic expansion after the death of Mohammad, the Prophet and rounder of the Islamic religion.

Paper Wars, Issue 91: JIHAD! - Product page

1/18/19: The War: The Pacific, 1941-1945 – Now on Preorder!

Game design by Ernie Copley

The War: The Pacific

The War: The Pacific simulates the military, naval, economic, diplomatic and political aspects of World War II in the Asia and the Pacific theatres. TWP may be played on its own or may be combined with The War: Europe 1939-1945 (“TWE”) to recreate the entire Second World War. In conjunction with The War’s Expansion Kit, gamers can now enjoy the complete TW franchise. The game includes TW: Global rules linking the Asia/Pacific and European theaters.

The War: The Pacific, 1941-1945 - Product page

1/18/19: Compass Games Live – Episode 21

we start the New Year (2019) featuring a new preorder game announcement and designer interview, along with Compass Games Expo 2019 announcement. Broadcast on January 18, 2019. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

1/11/19: Pacific Tide: The United States Versus Japan, 1941-45 – Now Shipping!

Pacific Tide by Gregory M. Smith

Pacific Tide

Pacific Tide is a compact, strategic-level game covering the struggle between the United States (including some Commonwealth forces) and Japan in World War II by game designer, Gregory M. Smith. This game utilizes a unique and fast-paced, card-driven combat/build system revolving around carrier operations which will provide players with a multitude of decisions. While extremely competitive as a two-player game, Pacific Tide can be enjoyed again and again in solitaire play format with its unique, “personality” driven bot system.

Pacific Tide: The United States Versus Japan, 1941-45 - Product page

12/27/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 20

featuring our special Year-in-Review for 2018 with a look ahead to 2019. Broadcast on December 27, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

12/9/18: TINIAN: THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE – Now Shipping!

by Ross Mortel and Adam Starkweather

Tinian: The Forgotten BattleTINIAN: THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE marks the third volume in the Marianas Campaign (CSS) game series. Overshadowed by the Battle of Saipan to the north and the Invasion of Guam to the south, Tinian seems like a small side show that had no real impact on the war. Some people may hear the name and remember that the B-29s, the ones that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, flew from there but for the rest it has become a minor part of military history - a forgotten battle.

Tinian: The Forgotten Battle – Product page

12/6/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 19

featuring several project updates and announcements, along with an interview with game designer, Michael Resch. Broadcast on December 6, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

11/29/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 18

featuring two new game preorder announcements. Broadcast on November 29, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.


by John Gorkowski

Red Poppies Campaigns, Volume 3RED POPPIES CAMPAIGNS, VOLUME 3 recounts the Battle of La Malmaison, 23-27 October 1917, in which the French employed their Artillerie Spéciale (tank force) and creeping barrage to capture Pinon, Vaudesson, and the coveted Chemin des Dames ridge. The French victory confirmed their recovery from the mutinies spawned by the disastrous Nivelle Offensive fought over some of the same ground six months earlier.


11/29/18: ONCE WE MOVED LIKE THE WIND, The Apache Wars, 1861-1886 – Now on Preorder!

by Stephen Newberg

Once We Moved Like the WindONCE WE MOVED LIKE THE WIND covers these central conflicts of the American South West, The Apache Wars, 1861-1886. These great war band leaders all come from the various tribes of the Apache, and the Apache Wars dominated the attention of the US government in its westward development for the critical 25 years from the American Civil War to the final capitulation of the natives of the area. Game components included wooden block pieces and a mounted game map.

ONCE WE MOVED LIKE THE WIND, The Apache Wars, 1861-1886 – Product page

11/15/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 17

featuring a recap of our first annual event, Compass Games Expo 2018. Broadcast on November 15, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.


by Rob Beyma

The War for the UnionTHE WAR FOR THE UNION, DESIGNER'S EDITION is a strategic level simulation of the American Civil War. It is the long awaited 2nd edition of the game originally published in 1992. Players command the Union and Confederate forces that fought from 1861 to 1865. The map runs from southeastern Texas to the Atlantic and from Harrisburg, PA to southern Florida. The new map is 34” x 44” to accommodate larger counters. Atlanta and Pensacola have been added to the Western Theater.

The War for the Union, Designer's Edition – Product page

10/30/18: PAPER WARS, ISSUE 90 – Now Shipping!

by Jack Greene

Paper Wars magazinefeaturing the insert game, MACARTHUR: ROAD TO BATAAN, covering the battle of Luzon Island during the winter of 1941-1942. Basically this game deals with a large island that must defend itself without any hope of significant outside help, against an enemy that can strike from virtually any direction. The Japanese can assault the island at many different points, causing the Allies (Filipinos and Americans) to be very wary of being drawn too far from the island's prize, Manila Bay, the main harbor at Manila, and the fortress of Corregidor, that controls the entrance. This game originally appeared in Wargamer #44 and is designed by Jack Greene.

Paper Wars, Issue 90: Macarthur, Road to Bataan – Product page

10/12/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 16

featuring preorder announcement for THE CONQUISTADORS and designer interview with Jon Southard, as well as an interview with Chris Fawcett, designer of BAR-LEV, DELUXE EDITION. Broadcast on October 12, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

10/12/18: The Conquistadors: The Spanish Conquest Of The Americas, 1518-1548 – Now on Preorder!

by Jon Southard

The ConquistadorsThe Conquistadors: The Spanish Conquest Of The Americas In the half-century after Columbus, small bands of daring Spanish adventurers conquered Central and South America, destroying the huge armies of long-established native empires in the process. Some won great fortunes in gold, while many others only died an early death. These men were The Conquistadors. In this partly card-driven, partly procedural game —a brand-new design from Jon Southard — one to five players each control a group of conquistadors, trying to discover and loot the civilizations of the Americas and end up with the most gold and power.

The Conquistadors: The Spanish Conquest Of The Americas – Product page

10/5/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 15

featuring the Compass Games 2018 Holiday Catalog unveiling with 9 new game preorder announcements! Broadcast on October 5, 2018. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

9/27/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 14

features three designer interviews covering new games available for preorder. Adam Starkweather, designer of CSS Novorossiysk and CSS Fulda Gap (06:00 mark). Ross Mortel, designer of Combat! (21:00 mark). Dennis Bishop, designer of Schutztruppe Heia Safari, 1914-18 (37:47 mark).

9/27/18: Schutztruppe, Heia Safari, 1914-18 – Now on Preorder!

by Dennis Bishop

SchutztruppeSchutztruppe, Heia Safari, 1914-18 is the all-new edition of Schutztruppe and represents a complete re-write of Jim Bumpas' classic World War I game. While much of the original flavor is maintained in the retained rules, significant changes have been made to the game system. Some of the more notable changes include naval rules, updated campaign map, expanded order of battle, and realistic supply rules. The overall game presentation is enhanced with a mounted game map and larger 9/16" counters.

Schutztruppe, Heia Safari, 1914-18 – Product page

9/27/18: Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition – Now on Preorder!

by John Edwards

Fortress EuropaFortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of a true wargaming classic by John Edwards, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, supersized edition. Celebrated by many as the successor to The Russian Campaign, this two-player game recreates the Allied campaign in Western Europe from D-Day to March 1945. This edition of Fortress Europa features a super-sized map and counters and is yet another Classic Reborn! by Compass.

Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition – Product page

9/27/18: Decision At Kasserine, Designer Signature Edition – Now on Preorder!

by Vance von Borries

Decision at KasserineDecision At Kasserine: Rommel's Last Chance, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of a true wargaming classic by Vance von Borries first published in 1983, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, supersized edition. Hailed by many as of the premier entry in the popular Battles for North Africa series, this two-player operational level simulation covers the WWII German and Italian offensive in central Tunisia which took place in mid-February 1943. This edition of Decision at Kasserine features a super-sized map and counters and is another Classic Reborn! by Compass.

Decision At Kasserine: Rommel's Last Chance, Designer Signature Edition – Product page

9/14/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 13

features an interview with John H. Butterfield, designer of our new preorder game announcement, WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge (27:40 mark). Broadcast on September 14, 2018.

9/14/18: WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge – Now on Preorder!

by John H. Butterfield

WWII Commander BulgeWWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge is the first in a series of fast-playing area-based games on key campaigns of the Second World War. Battle of the Bulge is a two-player game of the German offensive against the Western Allies in December 1944, designed by renowned game designer John H. Butterfield and based on his original boardgame design that was later released in digital format by Shenandoah Studios, an imprint of Slitherine UL Ltd.

WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge – Product page

9/13/18: Combat! – Now on Preorder!

by Ross Mortel

Combat!Combat! is a solitaire game on man to man combat in the 20th century. The player will control friendly forces and attempt to complete a scenario against enemy forces that are controlled by the game system. With multiple scenarios ranging from attacks on Farmhouses, to defending a hill, to destroying enemy artillery pieces, to rescuing members of the resistance, to desperate last stands as the enemy close in for the kill, Combat! provides a wide variety of battle situations for you to experience. Add in the fact that there are random events, variable enemy forces and many scenario options and you have a game that can be played for years to come.

Combat! – Product page

9/13/18: Two New CSS series games – Now on Preorder!

CSS seriesTwo Company Scale System series games are now available for preorder. CSS: Novorossiysk is the first game in the Nemesis series covering company level battles on the Eastern Front. With added special rules to cover the unique type of warfare on the Eastern Front, players will battle over the fate of the Kuban with tanks, amphibious invasions, paratroopers, naval ships and artillery. CSS Fulda Gap is the first game in the Central Front series of games. It will feature nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, helicopter support, air support, electronic warfare, and many other aspects of modern warfare. Future games in the series will include the Hof Gap defense, the German Northern Plains defense and the last stand at Berlin.

CSS Novorossiysk and CSS Fulda Gap – Product pages

9/13/18: LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe 1941-1945 – Now Shipping!

by Stephen Newberg

LebensraumLEBENSRAUM! is a grand strategic, moderate complexity game of the war between Nazi Germany and the Allied Nations, starting with the German invasion of the USSR in late June of 1941, through to the final battles to Berlin in 1945. The game includes both East and West Fronts, and can be played in a number of small (3 to 13) turn historical scenarios starting with Barbarossa in the East and Italy in the West, or in campaigns for each front individually, or a combined East and West front campaign.

LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe 1941-1945 – Product page

9/6/18: Battle Hymn, Volume Two: Shiloh And Bentonville – Now on Preorder!

by Eric Lee Smith

Battle Hymn, Volume 2Battle Hymn, Volume Two: Shiloh And Bentonville is the long-anticipated sequel game release to Volume One and includes two complete games: Shiloh and Bentonville. Battle Hymn is the new brigade-level system based upon the latest research into Civil War combat. This new entry introduces a new solitaire system to the series and an extension map for Gettysburg (Volume One) for a complete alternative history of the entire battle. Designed by Charles S. Roberts Award-winning designer Eric Lee Smith.

Battle Hymn, Volume Two: Shiloh And Bentonville – Product page

9/6/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 12

features an interview with Eric Lee Smith, designer of our new preorder game announcement, Battle Hymn, Volume II: Shiloh And Bentonville (22:35 mark). Broadcast on September 6, 2018.

8/21/18: Colonialism, Expanded 2nd Edition – launching on Kickstarter Aug. 22

by Scott W. Leibbrandt


Colonialism, Expanded 2nd Edition marks the debut of our first Euro game covering the 19th Century imperialistic struggle. In this game, each player assumes the role of a nondescript colonial power. Players proceed to struggle for influence in the unindustrialized regions of the world, and the subsequent resources such influence entails. Launching on Kickstarter August 22nd!

8/15/18: Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 – Now Shipping!

by Gregory M. Smith

Nightfighter Ace

Nightfighter Ace, Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a German Nightfighter during World War II. Each turn consists of several days, during which a combat mission will be flown from one of many bases in Europe, attempting to intercept incoming British Bombers. Nightfighter Ace is based on the popular, action-packed Hunters game system by Gregory M. Smith with a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to increase your prestige, earn skills, and rise in rank through promotion and receive awards.

Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 – Product page

8/9/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 11

features an interview with Donald B. Johnson, designer of The Great Rebellion (13:31 mark) and preorder announcement for South China Sea series, Volume II: Indian Ocean Region (29:02 mark). Broadcast on August 9, 2018.

8/9/18: Indian Ocean Region – Now on Preorder!

Indian Ocean Region by John Gorkowski

Indian Ocean Region

Indian Ocean Region marks the second volume in the popular South China Sea series. By game designer, John Gorkowski, this game enables participants to play out possible future conflicts, circa 2025, from their political beginnings to military endings with the same game mechanics as used in the South China Sea game.

Indian Ocean Region - Product page

8/2/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 10

features updates on numerous game projects including a preview of LEBENSRAUM! The War For Europe, 1941-1945 (5:41 mark).

8/1/18: Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition – Now Shipping!

by Art Lupinacci

Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition

Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition covers the entire German campaign in the east from 1941 to the bitter end, in 1945. One of the finest Army/Corps level games on the market, Russia Besieged Deluxe edition has been overhauled from years of experience and nuances discovered in Tournament play, to bring you a richly detailed, east front experience you expect to see from this classic wargame.

Russia Besieged, Deluxe Edition – Product page

7/19/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 9

features updates on numerous game projects with game designer, Gregory M. Smith, along with the preorder announcement for his latest design, ZEPPELIN RAIDER (45:45 mark).

7/19/18: Zeppelin Raider: Imperial German Naval Airships – Now on Preorder!

Zeppelin Raider by Gregory M. Smith

Zeppelin Raider

Zeppelin Raider is a solitaire, tactical level game placing you in command of one of several models of WWI Zeppelin dirigibles as part of the Imperial German Navy. Your mission is to destroy as much English war facilities as possible via bombing raids, or to conduct reconnaissance over the North Sea...and still survive and come home. Zeppelin Raider is based on the popular Hunters game system by Gregory M. Smith that delivers a tense and nail-biting narrative throughout the course of play.

Zeppelin Raider - Product page

7/13/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 8

release schedule update and news on several projects including FRANCE 1944 and PACIFIC TIDE, as well as a recap of CSW Expo 2018.

7/5/18: Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition – Now Shipping!

two re-mastered and updated games by Vance von Borries

Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition

Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of not just one, but two wargaming classics by Vance von Borries: Drive on Damascus and Bloody Keren, both now published together for the first time in the same package and with the same basic rules set. They have been re-mastered and updated into all-new, super-sized editions. These were well regarded by many as balanced and thoughtful games. They cover fascinating, almost forgotten conflicts that would guide the course of WW II in the Mediterranean Theater. Forgotten Legions is yet another Classic Reborn! by Compass Games.

Forgotten Legions, Designer Signature Edition – Product page

7/1/18: Paper Wars, Issue 89 – Now Shipping!

featuring Burning Mountains 1916 by Andrea Brusati

Paper Wars issue 89

Paper Wars, Issue 89 features the insert game, Burning Mountains 1916, a simulation about the Spring 1916 Austro-Hungarian offensive on the Italian Front, aimed to drive to the Veneto plain, west of Venice, cutting off the front in Friuli and along the Isonzo river, where most of Italian Army where deployed. Enjoy this playable game on a fascinating WWI era battle and also enjoy the magazine featuring numerous articles and bonus/replacement counters for other Compass Games products.

Paper Wars, Issue 89 – Burning Mountains 1916 - Product page

6/15/18: Compass Games Live – Episode 7

Brotherhood & Unity Preorder Announcement (begins at 30:17 mark)

6/15/18: Brotherhood & Unity – Now on Preorder!

Brotherhood & Unity by Tomislav Cipcic

Brotherhood & Unity

Brotherhood & Unity is a 2-3 player card driven wargame which depicts the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995 ("Bosnian War"). The game shows all of the major events: from the siege of Sarajevo (shown in separate, detailed map), to the ferocious battles for the Posavina corridore, and desperate defence of the Bosniak enclaves. Main features are: Point-To-Point movement system, play driven by Strategy Cards, quick combat resolution (no CRT), streamlined rules and fast gameplay. Interaction between warring sides (Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats) creates an intensive and exciting gameplay experience.

Brotherhood & Unity - Product page