Bitter End - Reprint

Bitter End - Reprint

Bitter End - Reprint



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Recreate the last Blitzkrieg of World War II as German Panzer corps fight their way toward Budapest, where 80,000 German soldiers are surrounded by the Soviet army. With over 80 combined divisions at their disposal, players fight this desperate campaign to relieve the siege of Budapest as the German, or to crush the city as the Soviet.

January 1, 1945: 80,000 Axis soldiers are cut-off and surrounded in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, 35 miles behind Soviet lines. Under constant bombardment and infantry assault, the German defense is crumbling.

But Axis forces are determined to get back to the city. As part of a massive surprise attack, the 96th Division establishes a bridgehead across the Danube, and two Panzer Corps assault the Soviet front lines. The Attack to Budapest has begun!

Will the Panzers arrive in time to relieve Budapest or will the Red Army hold the tanks long enough to overrun the city?

Includes a complete historical commentary written by the designer.

Product Information

  • Status: Out of print
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Playing Time: 5 hours (scenario), 25 hours (full campaign)
  • Solitaire Suitability: Good
  • Designer: Richard Spence
  • Developer: Todd Davis
  • Artist: Todd Davis
  • 2 maps - each map is 22" x 34" with a 1" overlap 
  • 2 full sheets of 9/16" counters (456 counters), printed both sides 
  • 3 full color 11"x17" play aid charts printed both sides on cardstock 
  • 3 full color 8½"x11" play aid charts printed both sides on cardstock 
  • 1 rule book, 24 pages 2 6-sided die 1 full color box and lid

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