Red Storm Over the Reich - Reprint

Red Storm Over the Reich - Reprint

Red Storm Over the Reich - Reprint



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Experience the Cataclysmic final campaign of the Eastern Front: the final 1945 Soviet offensive to destroy Germany. One of the most dramatic and least gamed campaigns of the Second World War.

Red Storm over the Reich covers a rarely gamed topic: the 1945 Soviet offensive through East Prussia, Poland, Pomerania, and all the way to Berlin itself. It was a Blitzkrieg in reverse that finally obliterated Nazi power and led to Hitler’s suicide in the smoking ruins of the city.

Created by award-winning game designer Ted S. Raicer, Red Storm is a true player’s game. As the Soviet player you will need to demonstrate aggressive daring of Field Marshall Zhukov, and as the German you will need to master the skills of General Guderian in desperate defense. The use of variable mechanized and infantry movement capabilities creates uncertainty and opportunity for both sides, and makes Red Storm an excellent choice for solitaire play.

The campaign game covers the action all the way from Warsaw to Berlin, while to alternate history scenarios explore what might have been if the German defense had not been run by Hitler. Special rules include artillery and air bombardment, German pocket battleships and naval transport, Leaders, “Kampfgruppen”, refugees, Operation Thunderclap (Allied bombing of Dresden), “roving cauldrons”, Panzefausts, Hitler Mandated Attacks, and more!

Product Information

  • Complexity: Medium
  • Playing Time: 8-12 hours (scenarios), 12-16 hours (full campaign)
  • Solitaire Suitability: High(due to variable movement)
  • Designer: Ted Raicer
  • Developer: Bill Cooper
  • Artist: Todd Davis


  • 2 maps - each map is 22" x 34"
  • 2 full sheets of 9/16" counters (456 counters), printed both sides
  • 5 full color set-up and play aid charts printed both sides on cardstock
  • 1 rule book, 32 pages 2 6-sided dice 1 full color box and lid

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