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Red Poppies Campaigns, Volume 3 Aug 10, 2020   Brotherhood & Unity
C&C Tricorne: Jacobite Rising Aug 2020   Traders of the Air
Dawn's Early Light Sep 2020   Paper Wars, Issue 95: Hannibal
The Korean War: June 1950 - May 1951, DS Edition Sep 2020   Brief Border Wars
      South China Sea Reprint
We'd love to hear from you!     The War: Europe 1939-1945 Reprint
For general questions, submit them here.     Defending America: Intercepting The Amerika Bombers
For customers service, email [email protected]     The African Campaign, DSE - 2nd Printing
  DS Ed. = Designer Signature Edition, last update: 29 July 2020

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7/7/2020: Traders of the Air – Now Shipping!

Traders of the AirTraders of the Air is a Steampunk Trading Game for two to four players based on a distant planet, which balances a great game design by award-winning game designer, Michael Schacht, with marvelous components throughout for everyone to enjoy! The game is similar to Michael Schacht's famous game Hansa! This version includes an additional map, promo Hansa items, and all new Variable Guild Powers. This game was featured and successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Traders of the Air - Product page

6/21/2020: Paper Wars, Issue 95: Hannibal – Now Shipping!

Paper Wars 95 HannibalPaper Wars, Issue 95 featuring the insert game, Hannibal. In 218 BC the great Carthaginian general Hannibal crossed the Alps with the avowed intention of bringing Rome to her knees. Gathering allies in Northern Italy, he out maneuvered, ambushed, and out fought the Roman armies sent to defeat him. Moving south, he inflicted upon Rome her greatest defeat at Cannae in 216 BC. Roman resolve wavered but never crumbled as she witnessed her armies defeated with apparent ease.

Paper Wars, Issue 95: Hannibal - Product page

6/5/2020: Brief Border Wars – Now Shipping!

Brief Border WarsBrief Border Wars is a quadrigame or set of four mini-games on short border conflicts of the 20th and 21st century, using a card-driven system that models the chaotic, stop-and-start nature of these impromptu wars. The four conflicts include: El Salvador vs. Honduras, 1969 / The Turkish invasion of Cyprus, 1974 / China vs. Vietnam, 1979 / and Israel vs. Hezbollah, southern Lebanon, 2006

Brief Border Wars - Product page

5/30/2020: Compass Games Live – Episode 32

this episode features a discussion with Bill Thomas and Ty Bomba. We discuss the future of Paper Wars and answer viewer questions. Broadcast on Friday, May 29. Visit the YouTube page and view full description to jump to key segments. [view broadcast]

Compass Games Live, Episode 32

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5/29/2020: Four Out-of-Stock Games Now on Preorder for 2nd Printing

2nd Printings now on Preorder

The following four out-of-stock games are now available for preorder as a Second Printing.

5/28/2020: Decision at Kasserine, Designer Signature Edition – Now Shipping!

Decision at KasserineDecision At Kasserine: Rommel's Last Chance, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of a true wargaming classic by Vance von Borries first published in 1983, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, supersized edition. Hailed by many as of the premier entry in the popular Battles for North Africa series, this two-player operational level simulation covers the WWII German and Italian offensive in central Tunisia which took place in mid-February 1943.

Decision at Kasserine, Designer Signature Edition Guide - Product page

5/21/2020: Paper Wars Subscription - Issues 97 - 100

Paper Wars, issues 97-100

Paper Wars subscription, issues 97-100  now available. The centerpiece of each Paper Wars issue is the insert game and accompanying historical article, along with articles focusing on after action reports, new scenarios, works-in-progress, and design theory. Errata fix or bonus counters for other Compass Games may also be included (varies by issue). Subscriptions are offered based on shipping destination.

  • issue #97: Battle for Galicia, 1914 by Michael Resch
  • issue #98: First Blood in the Crimea: The Battle of the Alma, 20 September 1854 by Ty Bomba
  • issue #99: Assault on Tobruk, Rommel Triumphant, 20 June, 1942 by Stephen Newberg
  • issue #100: Bloody Retributions: The Battle of Inkerman, 5 November 1854 by Ty Bomba
Please visit Paper Wars subscriptions page for options for US domestic, Canada, and overseas subscriptions.

5/21/2020: Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising - Live on Kickstarter!

Jacobite Rishing by Richard Borg

C&C Tricorne: Jacobite Rising

Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising  is our first standalone game for Commands & Colors Tricorne (ownership of Tricorne is NOT required) and features 13 battle scenarios by Richard Borg. Mounted game board, terrain tiles, blocks, command and combat cards, stickers and large, molded dice are all included. You will find many new and interesting play concepts which brings new experiences and challenges covering the world of the Highland Clans in the time of the Jacobite Risings.

Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising - Kickstarter page

5/18/2020: Russia Besieged Player's Guide – Now Shipping!

Russia Besieged Player's GuideRussia Besieged Player's Guide is a 64-page companion guide describing the history of the game, from its design inspiration and origins to the game Russia Besieged has become today. This guide also features two half-sheets of mounted counters, which will unlock even more value to your copy of RUSSIA BESIEGED by making more variant and optional rules available.

Russia Besieged Player's Guide - Product page

5/12/2020: Ty Bomba appointed Editor, Paper Wars magazine

Ty Bomba, Editor, Paper Wars magazineWe are pleased to welcome Ty Bomba to the Compass Games team. Ty will assume the role of editor for Paper Wars magazine, beginning with issue #96. As many of you are already aware, Ty has worked as a full-time professional in conflict simulation design and development for the past 30 years and has designed or developed around 200 published wargames. Ty is perhaps best known for running Command Magazine, which was a top-rated publication from 1989-2001. Ty has a rich background in our hobby and has demonstrated expertise in published articles and magazines, which will serve him well in his role as editor of Paper Wars magazine.

5/2/2020: Stellar Horizons – Now Shipping!

Stellar Horizions by Andrew Rader

Stellar Horizons

Stellar Horizons  is a "build your own space program" game where you will lead one of seven Earth Factions to explore and develop our solar system. Designed by a real-life space engineer with a PhD in long-duration spaceflight from MIT, Stellar Horizons is intended to be a plausible representation of the first steps of humanity towards the stars between 2030 and 2169, with each turn representing a year of time. You control your Faction’s space program, outposts, and fleets spanning across the solar system, although you will also have some influence over your Faction’s politics back home on Earth as space development becomes more important.

Stellar Horizons - Product page

4/30/2020: Compass Games Live – Episode 31

this episode features an interview with game designer, Bruce Maxwell, and an update on this NATO design. We also unveil four new game preorder titles. Broadcast on April 30, 2020. [view broadcast]

Compass Games Live

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4/21/2020: Dawn's Early Light – Live on Kickstarter!

Dawn's Early Light by David McDonough

Dawn's Early Light

Dawn’s Early Light: The War of 1812 is a two-player card-driven grand strategy game: a quick-playing, high-level abstract recreation of the entire conflict encompassing the territorial, naval, political, and economic competition between the United States and Great Britain. This deluxe game features a mounted game map, large 5/8" punch out counters, and covers the four-year period spanning the war and its prelude, with game cards for events and operations that offer players the tools to remix the entire scope of the conflict.

Dawn's Early Light - Kickstarter page

4/15/2020: Compass Games Live – THIRD WORLD WAR Project Update

this episode features an interview with project team member, Chris Fawcett, covering the THIRD WORLD WAR SERIES. Broadcast on April 13, 2020. [view broadcast]

Compass Games Live

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4/14/2020: Fulda Gap CSS – Now Shipping!

The Fulda Gap by Adam Starkweather

The Fulda Gap

The Fulda Gap: The Battle for the Center Stopping the possibility of a Soviet advance against NATO required some of the highest skilled troops to defend far forward in West Germany to prevent the vital industry and population from falling into Soviet hands. This was the task of the 11th Cavalry Regiment - the famed Black Horse Regiment - in the area well known as the Fulda Gap. The Fulda Gap was a break in the defensively favorable terrain that channelled advance directly towards the main American bases in West Germany. It was vital that this be held as long as possible.

The Fulda Gap - Product page

2/13/2020: Amerika Bomber – Now Shipping!

Amerika Bomber by Gregory M. Smith

Amerika Bomber

Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen of the Skies is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a hypothetical, yet historically-based bomber aircraft during a frightening look at what might have been in World War II. Each turn consists of one sortie, during which the player will fly a mission to bomb the mainland of the United States. As the player progresses, he may choose to upgrade to even more advanced bombers in this alternate history game. Amerika Bomber is based on the popular, action-packed B17: Queen of the Skies system and plays homage to Glen Frank’s original system, but with streamlined routines and a few twists. It builds a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to earn skills, rise in rank through promotion, receive awards and survive a dangerous year above America.

Amerika Bomber - Product page