Product Pipeline Snapshot

No Peace Without Spain, 2nd Edition May 17, 2019   The Doomsday Project: Episode One, The Battle For Germany
Cargo Express May 23, 2019   Cradle of Civilization
Bar-Lev: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition May 31, 2019   The War: The Pacific, 1941-1945
Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition June 6, 2019   Once We Moved Like the Wind, The Apache Wars, 1861-1886
Battle Hymn: Volume One - Restock June 15, 2019   Red Poppies Campaigns: Volume 3 – Assault Artillery – La Malmaison
Paper Wars, Issue 92: Pitt's War June 2019   The Conquistadors: The Spanish Conquest Of The Americas
CSS The Little Land – The Battle For Novorossiysk June 2019   Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44
Combat! June 2019   Bar-Lev: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition
      For Motherland! The Russian Front, 1941-44
RECENT RELEASES   Ostkrieg: Germany Versus Russia, 1941-45
Crusade and Revolution, Deluxe Edition   The Korean War: June 1950 - May 1951, Designer Signature Edition
Hearts And Minds - 1965 To 1975   NATO: The Next War In Europe, Designer Signature Edition
Zeppelin Raider: Imperial German Naval Airships   Tank Leader: Eastern Front, Designer Signature Edition
Vietnam: Rumor of War   Hitler's Last Gamble: The Battle Of The Bulge, Designer Signature Edition
Stalin's World War III   The Third World War, Designer Signature Edition
The Late Unpleasantness   Schutztruppe, Heia Safari, 1914-18
Colonialism   Decision At Kasserine, Designer Signature Edition
Paper Wars, Issue 91: JIHAD!   Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition

last update: 16 May 2019

4/24/19: Crusade and Revolution, Deluxe Edition – Now Shipping!

Crusade and Revolution by David Gómez Relloso

Crusade and Revolution

Crusade and Revolution, Deluxe Edition is a truly breath-taking treatment of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, featuring a larger mounted map and larger counters. In July 1936, a failed coup d’état provoked a bloody civil war that would devastate Spain for nearly three years. The eyes of a Europe in crisis turned towards a divided nation, where not only armies, but also ideologies fought a savage and ruthless struggle. This is a special, limited print run, so order today before they are all gone!

Crusade and Revolution  - Product page

4/15/19: Hearts and Minds, Third Edition – Now Shipping!

Hearts and Minds by John Poniske

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds, Third Edition is an uncomplicated approach to a very complicated conflict. Eight scenarios introduce players to U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia including a scenario after the US withdrew from Vietnam, a full campaign scenario as well as high solitaire capability. Players appreciate the ability to start in any year of the war they wish and fight to the end of any other year of the war. The game provides a comprehensive historical approach using mechanics that include guerrilla warfare, faction differentiation, political turmoil, and veteran advantages. Deluxe components throughout for all to enjoy!

Hearts and Minds  - Product page

3/30/19: The Doomsday Project: Episode One, The Battle For Germany – Now on Preorder!

The Doomsday Project by Adam Starkweather

The Doomsday Project

The Doomsday Project: Episode One, The Battle For Germany is a subseries of the Operational Scale System featuring wars that never happened. There will be games on the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, the far north, the Far East, the strategic naval war, and of course, a game of total nuclear war. All the games will feature rules that allow you to play some, part or all of the great war that never happened. The first game in the series will feature the fight that could have happened in Germany. Chemical weapons, tactical nuclear attacks and politics will be present – as well as all the forces that were stationed in the region in 1985.

The Doomsday Project  - Product page

3/29/19: Zeppelin Raider: Imperial German Naval Airships – Now Shipping!

Zeppelin Raider by Gregory M. Smith

Zeppelin Raider

Zeppelin Raider: Imperial German Naval Airships is a solitaire, tactical level game placing you in command of one of several models of WWI Zeppelin dirigibles as part of the Imperial German Navy. Your mission is to destroy as much English war facilities as possible via bombing raids, or to conduct reconnaissance over the North Sea...and still survive and come home. Zeppelin Raider is based on the popular Hunters game system by Gregory M. Smith that delivers a tense and nail-biting narrative throughout the course of play.

Zeppelin Raider  - Product page

3/28/19: Compass Games Live – Episode 24

an interview with Gregory M. Smith, designer of ZEPPELIN RAIDER as well as a new preorder game announcement and interview with Adam Starkweather. Broadcast on March 28, 2019. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

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3/15/19: Vietnam: Rumor of War – Now Shipping!

Vietnam: Rumor of War by Adam Starkweather

Vietnam: Rumor of War

Vietnam: Rumor of War is our second entry in the Operational Scale System (OSS), following KOREA, and captures the Vietnam War in a playable yet historical manner. This game focuses on the United States’ and North Vietnam’s war aims during the conflict. This game features 4 scenarios and an extensive example of play (covering an entire game turn).

Vietnam: Rumor of War  - Product page

3/8/19: Cradle of Civilization – Now on Preorder!

Cradle of Civilization by Sean and Daniel Chick

Cradle of Civilization

Cradle of Civilization  is a pair of games, Sumeria to Persia and Alexander vs Darius, in one premium package (mounted mapboard and 1" size counters) that allows one to six players determine the fate of the Ancient Near East. In one game civilizations rise, while in the second, players battle over whether the great Persian Empire will survive or perish. Both games use simple mechanics to make them quick-playing and to portray a period feel for players.

Cradle of Civilization - Product page

3/5/19: Stalin's World War III – Now Shipping!

Stalin's World War III by Ty Bomba

Stalin's World War III

Stalin's World War III  is a two game package: Volume 1 – Operation Pincher & The Soviet Offensive in Europe; Volume 2 – Operation Sandown & The Soviet Offensive in the Mid-East. This is an alternative history monster-size wargame, designed by Ty Bomba, intended to investigate the strategic parameters that would’ve been in place during the first 10 weeks of operations had that dictator lived long enough to put in motion one of his many plans to start a global conflict in 1953.

Stalin's World War III - Product page