Product Pipeline Snapshot

WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge Mar 3, 2020   Paper Wars, Issue 94: Fall of Siam
Brief Border Wars Mar 2020   Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen of the Skies
Decision at Kasserine, DS Edition Mar 2020   Ostkrieg: WWII Eastern Front
Napoleon's Eagles Apr 2020   France 1944, DS Edition
The Fulda Gap (CSS) Apr 2020    
The Korean War: June 1950 - May 1951, DS Edition Apr 2020   ADDED TO PREORDER LIST
Brotherhood & Unity May 2020   Granada: Last Stand Of The Moors, 1482-1492
Doomsday Project: Battle for Germany May 2020   Barbarians At The Gates
      Western Front Ace: The Great War In The Air, 1916-1918
      No Motherland Without: North Korea In Crisis And Cold War
      DS Ed. = Designer Signature Edition, last update: 25 February 2020

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Our Thanks to All for Another Great Compass Games Expo!

We look forward to our third annual event, Nov. 6-9, 2020!


3/18/2020: Compass Games Two Week Sale Begins!

Savings of 40% off select titles!

Compass Games 2 week sale

Compass Games is holding a 40% off sale now through April 5, 2020. Please select from any of the titles below and simply enter the coupon code: 40PERCENTOFF at time of check-out to cash in our your savings!

  • 1866
  • A Las Barricades
  • Absolute Victory
  • Balance of Powers
  • Battle Hymn 1
  • Bar Lev
  • Bitter Woods
  • Blitz a World in Conflict
  • Blood on Ohio
  • Brezhnevs War
  • Cargo Express
  • Colonialism
  • Command and colore Expansion
  • Command and Colors Tricorne
  • Empire and Alliances
  • End of Empire
  • Enemy Action Ardennes
  • Europe & Turmoil
  • Fall Blau Army Group South
  • Fatal Alliances
  • Festung Europa
  • Forgotten Legion
  • Fornovo
  • Fortress Europa
  • Guam Return to Glory
  • Hearts and Minds
  • Korea Fire & Ice
  • Lebensraum
  • Lion of Judah
  • Montellimar Anvil of Fate
  • Nations in Arms: Valmy to Waterloo (just added!)
  • Nightfighter Ace
  • Nine Years
  • No Peace Without Spain (just added!)
  • On to Paris
  • Operation Skorpion
  • Paths to Hell
  • Prelude to the Rebellon
  • Pragmatic War
  • Raiders of the Deep
  • Red Poppies 2
  • Red Star White Eagle
  • Revolution Road
  • Russia Beseiged
  • Saipan
  • Sovereign of the Seas
  • Stalin War 3
  • The Fall of Third Reich
  • The Late Unpleasantness
  • The War Expansion
  • Tinian
  • Triumph of the Will
  • Vietnam
  • War for the Union
  • War in the Wind
  • Zeppelin

You can also get 40% off these select PAPER WARS magazine with insert game included:

  • Issue 87 Belmont
  • Issue 80 Setting Sun Risisng Sun
  • Isuse 81 Postion Magnifique
  • Issue 82 I Will Fight No More Forever
  • Issue 83 Rising Sun Over China
  • Isuse 84 Finish Civil War
  • Issue 85 Russia Falling
  • Issue 86 Nomads No More
  • Issue 88 Scourge of God
  • Issue 89 Burning Mountain
  • Issue 90 MacArthur War
  • Issue 91 Jihad

Thank you all for your support!

2/13/2020: Amerika Bomber – Now Shipping!

Amerika Bomber by Gregory M. Smith

Amerika Bomber

Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen of the Skies is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a hypothetical, yet historically-based bomber aircraft during a frightening look at what might have been in World War II. Each turn consists of one sortie, during which the player will fly a mission to bomb the mainland of the United States. As the player progresses, he may choose to upgrade to even more advanced bombers in this alternate history game. Amerika Bomber is based on the popular, action-packed B17: Queen of the Skies system and plays homage to Glen Frank’s original system, but with streamlined routines and a few twists. It builds a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to earn skills, rise in rank through promotion, receive awards and survive a dangerous year above America.

Amerika Bomber - Product page

2/9/2020: Dawn of Empire – Shipping in April!

Dawn of Empire by Stephen Newberg

Dawn of Empire on Kickstarter

Dawn of Empire is an uncomplicated game centered on the naval aspects of the Spanish-American War of 1898 in the Atlantic Ocean. The game depicts this conflict at a strategic level, with most operational and tactical details represented by fast and easy-to-play systems, rather than intricate mechanisms. The intent of the game is to provide a broad overview of the historical events while being fun to play.

Dawn of Empire - Preorder page

2/1/2020: Ostkrieg: WW II Eastern Front – Now Shipping!

Ostkrieg by Mitchell Ledford and Gregory M. Smith


Ostkrieg: WW II Eastern Front is a compact, strategic-level game covering the struggle on the Eastern Front during World War II by game designer, Mitchell Ledford. This game utilizes the unique and fast-paced, card-driven combat/build system introduced in Pacific Tide. revolving around ground and air operations. While extremely competitive as a two-player game, Ostkrieg can be enjoyed again and again in solitaire play format with its unique, “personality” driven bot system.

Ostkrieg - Product page

1/15/2020: France 1944: The Allied Crusade In Europe, Designer Signature Edition – Now Shipping!

France 1944 by Mark Herman

France 1944

France 1944: The Allied Crusade in Europe, Designer Signature Edition, marks the return of an original game covering the historical events that led to the liberation of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands during the Allied drive on Germany by renowned game designer, Mark Herman. This new signature edition has been re-mastered and updated and will be linking with an all-new companion game, Russia 1944, slated for release in late 2020. France 1944 is yet another Classic Reborn! by Compass.

France 1944 - Product page

1/6/2020: Old Preorder System Charge Glitch and Help Available

NOTICE TO ALL PREORDER AND PAY LATER CUSTOMERS.  We discovered today that we made an internal error that caused cards to get charged for pay later preorders under the old system we stopped using. Obviously, pay later charges should only occur when a game is about ready to ship, which is not the case here.

If you can absorb the preorder charges now there will be no further action necessary (other than please accept our apologies). If, however, you wish to be issued a refund for these premature preorder charges, we will gladly issue a full refund to you, but ask that you please re-enter your preorder now & pay later under our current system once you receive your refund.

Please contact Bill Thomas directly at [email protected] if you do wish to request a refund at this time.

Our apologies again to all. We await hearing from you at our email address above so we can provide refunds as requested. We apologize again for the inconvenience that has transpired here that we want to fix asap..

9/12/19: Traders of the Air – Live on Kickstarter!

Traders of the Air by Michael Schacht

Traders of the Air

Traders of the Air is a Steampunk Trading Game Based on a Distant Planet for two to four players who represent steampunk trading guilds on a planet far away, always on the lookout for an opportunity to acquire valuable goods. Roaming the planet together in a steamship, the guilds need to set up networks of guild contracts on the planet's cities to resell the goods at the most advantageous times to increase power and prestige. In this gorgeous Euro game for the entire family to enjoy, each and every action counts; the game is mechanically quite simple yet difficult to master.

Traders of the Air - Kickstarter page

9/5/19: CSS The Little Land – Now Shipping!

CSS The Little Land by Adam Starkweather

CSS The Little Land

CSS The Little Land: The Battle For Novorossiysk is the first game in the Nemesis series covering company level battles on the Eastern Front. With added special rules to cover the unique type of warfare on the Eastern Front, players will battle over the fate of the Kuban with tanks, amphibious invasions, paratroopers, naval ships and artillery.

CSS The Little Land - Product page | Watch the Unboxing Video]

8/25/19: Blue Water Navy – Now Shipping!

Blue Water Navy by Stuart Tonge

Blue Water Navy

Blue Water Navy covers the war at sea, air, close-ashore and low-earth orbit from the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia to the Mediterranean Sea and West over the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Cuba. The game models the full order of battle that could be expected in 1980's wartime, from multi-regiment Soviet Tu-22 Backfire bombers to multiple US carrier groups.

Blue Water Navy - Product page | Watch the Unboxing Video]

8/12/19: A Pragmatic War – Now Shipping!

A Pragmatic War by John B. Firer

A Pragmatic War

A Pragmatic War is a two-player game simulating the War of the Austrian Succession, 1741 – 1748. One player represents the Austrian interest represented by the Austrians and those powers in Europe faithful to the original agreement, (“the Pragmatic Alliance”). The other player represents the challengers to the Austrians, the Bavarian rival for the Imperial title, Charles Albert and his supporters, primarily the Bourbon rulers of France and Spain intermittently joined by Prussia (“the Bourbons”). This game features a mounted game map and continues the series pioneered and excellently portrayed by Don Herndon’s No Peace Without Spain!

A Pragmatic War - Product page | Watch the Unboxing Video]

8/8/19: Commands and Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising – Now on Preorder!

Jacobite Rising by Richard Borg

C&C Tricorne: Jacobite Rising

Jacobite Rising  is our first standalone game for Commands & Colors Tricorne (ownership of Tricorne is NOT required) and features 13 battle scenarios by Richard Borg. Mounted game board, terrain tiles, blocks, command and combat cards, stickers and large, molded dice are all included. You will find many new and interesting play concepts which brings new experiences and challenges covering the world of the Highland Clans in the time of the Jacobite Risings.

C&C Tricorne: Jacobite Rising - Product page

8/8/19: Compass Games Live – Episode 27

this episode features a designer interview with Gregory M. Smith and a new preorder game announcement, JACOBITE RISING. Other topics cover project updates and announcements, and Compass Games Expo update. Broadcast on August 8, 2019. See table of contents on YouTube page for more info.

View previous episodes

7/30/19: Combat! – Now Shipping!

Combat! by Ross Mortel


Combat! is a solitaire game on man to man combat in the 20th century. The player will control friendly forces and attempt to complete a scenario against enemy forces that are controlled by the game system. With multiple scenarios ranging from attacks on Farmhouses, to defending a hill, to destroying enemy artillery pieces, to rescuing members of the resistance, to desperate last stands as the enemy close in for the kill, Combat! provides a wide variety of battle situations for you to experience.

Combat! - Product page

7/16/19: Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition – Now Shipping!

Fortress Europa by John Edwards

Fortress Europa

Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of a true wargaming classic by John Edwards, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, supersized edition. Celebrated by many as the successor to The Russian Campaign, this two-player game recreates the Allied campaign in Western Europe from D-Day to March 1945. This edition of Fortress Europa features a super-sized map and counters.

Fortress Europa - Product page

7/16/19: Once We Moved Like the Wind – Live on Kickstarter!

Once We Moved Like the Wind by Stephen Newberg

Once We Moved Like the Wind

Once We Moved Like the Wind is a game that covers the Apache Wars that dominated the western development by the US government from 1861-1886. Now Live on Kickstarter. Their names are virtually synonymous with the long conflicts with the native indigenes of the Americans West. Cochise, Victoria, Chato, Geronimo. These great war band leaders all come from the various tribes of the Apache, and the Apache Wars dominated the attention of the US government in its westward development for the critical 25 years from the American Civil War to the final capitulation of the natives of the area.

Once We Moved Like the Wind - Kickstarter page | Watch the Unboxing Video

7/16/19: Pay Later Preorder System Changes

Please read this open letter from Bill Thomas which explains a necessary change we made to our PAY LATER Preorder System. The end result is our ordering system is updated and all systems are go.

7/11/19: Napoleon's Eagles, Storm in the East – Now on Preorder!

Napoleon's Eagles by Christopher Moeller

Napoleon's Eagles

Napoleon’s Eagles is a highly playable, action-packed card game set during the wars of 19th Century Europe. Two battles are featured: Borodino, the sanguinary clash before the gates of Moscow featured in Tolstoy’s famous novel War and Peace, and Leipzig, the great “Battle of Nations” which marked the beginning of the end of the French Empire.

Napoleon's Eagles - Product page

7/11/19: Brief Border Wars Quad – Now on Preorder!

Brief Border Wars by Brian Train

Brief Border Wars

Brief Border Wars is a quadrigame or set of four mini-games on short border conflicts of the 20th and 21st century, using a card-driven system that models the chaotic, stop-and-start nature of these impromptu wars. The four conflicts include: El Salvador vs. Honduras, 1969 — The Turkish invasion of Cyprus, 1974 — China vs. Vietnam, 1979 — Israel vs. Hezbollah, southern Lebanon, 2006..

Brief Border Wars - Product page

7/11/19: Dawn of Empire – Now on Preorder!

Dawn of Empire by Stephen Newberg

Dawn of Empire

Dawn of Empire is an uncomplicated game centered on the naval aspects of the Spanish-American War of 1898 in the Atlantic Ocean. The game depicts this conflict at a strategic level, with most operational and tactical details represented by fast and easy-to-play systems, rather than intricate mechanisms. The intent of the game is to provide a broad overview of the historical events while being fun to play..

Dawn of Empire - Product page

6/28/19: Paper Wars, Issue #92: Pitt's War – Now Shipping!

Pitt's War by François-Stanislas Thomas

Pitt's War

Paper Wars, Issue #92: Pitt's War simulates the epic struggle between United Kingdom and France from the beginning of the French Revolution to the end of the French Empire at Waterloo on a map with zones covering Europe and the Levant. Each turn is worth a year with a fair and a bad weather impulse. Combat units are multi-step historical armies with elite corps and main generals. And much more, the game provides round 130 event markers to simulate easily the essence of that period.

Paper Wars, Issue #92: Pitt's War - Product page

6/15/19: Battle Hymn Vol. 1 - Gettysburg And Pea Ridge – Back in Stock!

Battle Hymn Vol. I by Eric Lee Smith

Battle Hymn, Vol I

Battle Hymn Vol. 1 - Gettysburg And Pea Ridge is now back in stock and includes two games: Gettysburg: The Tide Turns and Pea Ridge: The Struggle for Missouri. Battle Hymn is a new brigade-level system based upon the latest research into Civil War combat. Designed by Charles S. Roberts Award-winning designer Eric Lee Smith.

Battle Hymn Vol. 1 - Product page

6/5/19: Bar-Lev, The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition – Now Shipping!

Bar-Lev by Chris Fawcett


Bar-Lev, The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition represents an updated game treatment of the GDW release originally published in 1977, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, deluxe edition. Either of the two fronts (the Golan Heights and the Suez Canal) may be gamed separately, or both can be linked to simulate the course of the entire war.

Bar-Lev, The 1973 Arab-Israeli War - Product page